23 May 08

If the "clean coal" advertising on CNN wasn't enough, the coal industry is now going hard after the Leiberman-Warner Climate Security Act.


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23 May 08

Hey, kids, it's time for another bedtime story from the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, a.k.a. the ACCCE!

Today's story is told by ACCCE's vice president for communications, Joe Lucas, in a spin festival er, opinion column in the Fort Wayne, Indiana Journal-Gazette.

Clean coal is crucial to energy future

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23 May 08

For too long the idea of clean coal has gone unchallenged.

A lot of people have received an email from yours truly over the last four months with the subject line: "Clean Coal Body Slam." I thought it explained the intentions of this project very well.

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23 May 08

The bottom line is that Carbon Capture and Storage is not ready for prime time

Well they’re at it again.

The coal industry has found yet another way to greenwash coal as an environmentally sound source of electricity through a concept called, “Carbon Capture and Storage” (or Sequestration), CCS.

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23 May 08

With the imaginary vocabulary of "clean coal," too many Democrats and Republicans, as well as a surprising number of environmentalists, have forgotten the dirty realities of extracting coal from the earth.


Pummeled by warnings that global warming is triggering the apocalypse, Americans have fallen for the ruse of futuristic science that is clean coal. And in the meantime, swaths of the country are being destroyed before our eyes.

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