5 Jun 08
200 Year U.S. Coal Supply: The Saudi Arabia of Exaggeration

Coal industry front groups like the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (aka. The ACCCE) are aggressively marketing the abundance of US coal, claiming that, "we have enough coal to last the next 200 years."

Unfortunately for the ACCCE, the latest research shows something very different.

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5 Jun 08

"Clean coal" is not an actual invention, a physical thing – it is an advertising slogan. Like "fat-free donuts" or "interest-free loans."

Several years ago, in Gillette, Wyoming, I fell into a long conversation with the vice-president of alarge American coal company about coal's public image problem. Gillette is inthe center of the Powder River Basin, the epicenter of the coal boom in America, where 60 foot seams of coal lay just below the surface.

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5 Jun 08

Add this to your "can't make up stuff like this" file.

An 8 year-old boy in Colarado Springs was badly burned after he walked into an old coal dust pile that had ignited from the heat of the sun.

According to authorities Matt Bershinski walked into the completely invisible 800-degree fire while he was playing in a park. The heat melted one of the plastic shoes he was wearing at the time.

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4 Jun 08

Coal-energy powerhouse General Electric states in a May 28th, 2008 press release that "C02 is a possible contributing factor to climate change."

This claim by General Electric, one of the largest power producers in the world, was made despite the scientific evidence, and the world's governments (including the US) now in agreement that greenhouse gas emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels are heating our planet.
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3 Jun 08


Is your well water contaminated? Here's a simple test.


Here's a video of a family in West Virginia whose water well is about 3 miles from a coal waste slurry. When he puts a penny under the tap to his bath water, watch what happens:


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2 Jun 08

We should be saying adios, and goodbye to these latest "clean coal" television ads.

A few days ago, the ACCCE released a new, stunningly vague advertisement called "Adios," that is somehow supposed to put America's mind at ease, and/or scare us about a future without coal. Here's the video, and the text:

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