16 Jun 08
Renowned author and environmentalist Bill McKibben's take on the clean coal ads that were run in heavy rotation on CNN by a coal industry-funded group calling themselves American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity:

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16 Jun 08

Real News covers David Novack's new documentary, Burning the Future: Coal in America.


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16 Jun 08

Indexing the "clean coal" blogosphere.

Building Coal is Dirty and its affiliate Coal is Clean was a very research-intensive process and in the process we came across a lot of great people and organizations blogging on clean coal.

I thought a list of the Top 75 bloggers - based on Technorati rankings, frequency of posting and cross-referenced with a Google blog search of the last 3 months - who write on the subject of clean coal would be helpful for anyone researching the issue.

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13 Jun 08

Actions speak louder than words in the fight to keep coal where it belongs... in the ground.

Sometimes, we all get a little caught up in talking and arguing about politics.

Talk is good - we need to be thoughtful, educated, and in conversation about the things in this world we oppose, and what things we support. But some people recognize that merely talking (or blogging) about problems and solutions and ideas is not enough - and if we are to actually build a better world we need to act.

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13 Jun 08

This is a great introductory video on the environmental devastation caused by mountaintop coal mining operations in the Appalachia.

Check out I Love Mountains for more information.

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12 Jun 08

A small, but symbolic victory against the Clean Coal marketing efforts.

Last week at the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) annual Asia Clean Energy Forum the ADB passed a motion to drop the use of the term "clean coal."





At the event, ADB Vice President Bindu Lohani proclaimed:

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