23 Jun 08

By documentary filmmaker David Novack. Check out Novack's latest film Burning the Furture: Coal in America.



Several years ago, I interviewed a scientist, John, who was conducting a study of Mountain Elk in Kentucky.  The Elk had recently been reintroduced to the wild, and he was tracking their success.  

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23 Jun 08

CNBC's Mark Haines asks: "How Realistic is Clean Coal," and Haines does a great job off the top by pointing out that his guest, Steve Miller of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE), is funded by the coal industry.

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23 Jun 08

Clean coal is an oxymoron. No kidding.

A great editorial this morning in Vermont's Roanoke Times on the idea of investing millions in clean coal technology and carbon capture and storage, when more affordable and proven renewable technologies are already further along in development and will be the answer to America's energy woes in the long term.

The editorial rightly concludes that:

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18 Jun 08

There is a lot of skepticism of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology out there, but now even the industry is admitting that the technology is far from ready. E&ENews reporter Kathering Ling recently wrote on the annual meeting for Edison Electric Institute (EEI). David Ratcliffe, CEO Southern Company was quoted saying the following:

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17 Jun 08

Yesterday’s announcement by New York City Comptroller William E. Thompson Jr requesting a review of the financial and environmental risks associated with the use of tax-exempt financing for the construction of new coal-fired power plants is the latest in a string of what I would call ‘learning moments’ for the financial sector.


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17 Jun 08

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