4 May 15

This article is co-authored by Kert Davies at the Climate Investigations Center.

Peabody Energy (NYSE: BTU), as their website exclaims in big bold letters, is the "World's Largest Private Sector Coal Company", with 130 years of experience building big shovels and sending men into mines to chip out black rocks and put them on trains.

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28 Apr 15

A story out on Energy and Environment today is reporting that the US coal company Cloud Peak Energy Inc. (NYSE: CLD) is lobbying hard to continue to "dodge royalty payments to taxpayers and Western states."

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25 Feb 14

The coal industry’s efforts to export huge amounts of taxpayer-owned coal from Montana and Wyoming to Asia has generated unprecedented opposition in the Pacific Northwest - tens of thousands of people have rallied, attended public hearings, and called on their elected officials to oppose coal export terminals that would disrupt and pollute communities and pose one of the biggest threats to the climate of any fossil fuel project in the world.

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22 Jan 13

There’s a new front line in the battle to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Companies like Arch, Ambre, and Peabody want to ship the coal buried under the United States to Asia, releasing disastrous amounts of carbon pollution, just to line their own pockets. This expansion in US coal exports could release more carbon pollution than any other new fossil fuel project in the United States, according to a new report Greenpeace released today.

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15 Aug 11

Today, hundreds marched and saw fourteen community and climate activists arrested as the Midwest Rising! Convergence took the streets of St. Louis to protest Bank of America and Peabody Coal.

The arrest action occurred in the intersection connecting Bank of America's St. Louis offices and Peabody's national headquarters.

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5 Aug 11
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It’s going to be some hot business this summer, and we ain’t talkin about the triple digit heat wave hitting much of the country. There is a rebellious spirit sweeping the U.S.A. as people are fighting back against the fossil fuel industry from coast to coast.

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