17 May 10

UPDATE: Blockade is down.  Activists in custody.

Read the letter from the blockaders to Massey shareholders.

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4 May 10
Exciting news at the University of North Carolina (UNC).  Coal Free-UNC won their campaign this week.  UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp agreed to phase the campus off of coal by 2020. 

Pretty exciting to be chiseling away at Big Coal piece by piece.
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28 Apr 10
You’d think the criminal justice system in West Virginia would have better things to do. Something like investigating criminal safety violations by it’s outlaw coal companies.

Activist Sentenced to 60 Days; Three Contempt Charges for Roselle


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27 Apr 10
UPDATE: Everyone is out of jail charged with a misdemeanor trespass.

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Things are heating up in the Rockies!

Pictures here

Boulder Activists Unfurl Banner and Erect Wind Turbines on Top of Giant
Coal Pile

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20 Apr 10
What do you do if someone puts a whole mountain in your lobby?

That’s the big question that the coal finance monkeys at Chase keep asking themselves now that their love affair with mountaintop removal (MTR) has drawn the attention of Rev. Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping.

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20 Apr 10
There’s an old mining ballad has been on my mind a lot lately.  One of the lines goes “Which side are you on? which side are you on? Oh workers can you stand it? Oh tell me how you can?  Will you be a lousy scab? Or will you be a man?“  Classic narrative of the have’s vs.
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