Dirty Business

The Center for Investigative Reporting is releasing a new film that looks at the "clean coal" myth and the true cost of running our country on dirty coal energy. The story is presented by Jeff Goodell, who has blogged here and authored the book Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America's Energy Future. In many ways this looks like a film version of Goodall's book, and it claims to be "the first major public media project to explain and demystify "clean coal" and to explore the extent to which increased energy efficiency and renewable energy sources such as wind and solar thermal power might make "clean coal" unnecessary and uneconomical."

The producers also put together the PBS documentary Hot Politics and see this film as the follow up to that. They contend that if you're going to talk about climate change and industry influence in politics you need to talk about coal. I tend to agree. It has limited screenings right now, but hopefully it will catch fire and spread around the country helping to combat the coal industry's spin. The trailer has some compelling footage including shots from last year's historic Capital Climate Action at the coal plant that powers congress. 

All in all I'm excited to see this film (whenever it comes near me) and hope that it can reinforce the truth: clean coal is a dirty lie.



A Film Investigation of the Coal Industry