Company proposing coal plant says no to democracy

First it was “Democracy, brought to you by coal”. Earlier this week those same dirty coal pushers were running around the Democratic National Convention in Denver. But just one state over, in Utah, an energy company proposing a new coal plant is giving the heave to democracy. Sevier Power Company is suing to stop a ballot initiative - signed by more than 1,500 people - from being voted on. Apparently when it comes to our energy future the coal companies buying up Washington D.C. don’t actually want us to vote.

When the Sierra Club files a lawsuit it is to get the worst companies like Dynegy to comply with the law, follow their promises, and clean up their act. More mercury, dioxins, and other hazardous air pollutants are the last thing our mothers and children need to be getting more of. But we could all use some more democracy.

Sues to block citizen ballot initiative