Coal Ash Lobbyists Mob the White House

As the last of the EPA's show hearings on coal ash wraps up in Knoxville, TN today, PolluterWatch and DeSmogBlog released new research on the raft of meetings that lobbyists got at the White House and a Who's Who of coal ash lobbyists. 
Download the new report:
Turns out there were dozens of meetings at the White House with lobbyists from the coal industrial complex:
"Between October 2009 and April 2010, industry representa-
tives held at least 33 meetings with White House OMB staff,
almost three times as many meetings as environmentalists
and university scientists had on the coal ash issue."
Meanwhile the report also details who's liable. The report also tabulates the corporations with the largest coal ash problems:
"While all coal-fired power plants create mountains of ash, a
handful of corporations have been linked to the hazardous
coal ash sites reported by EPA and Environmental Integrity
Project over the past year. Just three corporations, American
Electric Power, Tennessee Valley Authority and Duke Energy
are responsible for 10 or more dangerous coal ash sites (PDF)
over 25 percent of the total nationwide. Eleven companies
are responsible for 4 or more locations, more than 50
percent of those identified nationwide."

New report from DeSmogBlog and PolluterWatch IDs coal ash lobbyists