China Coal Slow Down Means Big Drop in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

If there's any political leaders out there still clinging to the line that they won't move on climate change until China moves, they need to read this article:

China's reduction in CO2 emissions in just four months totals the entire greenhouse gases emitted by the UK over the same period.

The new analysis was conducted by Greenpeace and Energy Desk China and is based on Chinese government industrial output data and customs data on coal imports. 

This huge drop in GHG emissions in due to a major slowdown in coal consumption in China. Financial analysts as early as yesterday were issuing new near-future outlooks on coal in China. Wood Mackenzie analyst Li Rong told Bloomberg Business yesterday that:

“Coal-fired power demand is being displaced by renewables including hydro and nuclear. Demand from non-power sectors is also weak, especially as combating pollution pressures industries like steel and cement. These will keep coal prices sluggish.”

Image credit: Global Panorama on Flickr