Coal Export Madness Spreading to Oregon

Will Big Coal Move to Build Coal Terminals in Oregon?

Coal companies are bound and determined to get that dirty black rock out of the Powder River Basin and send it over to Asian markets to line their pockets. While the EPA is pressing for stricter regulations on coal plants and the anti-coal movement stops new coal fired power plants from being built and existing coal plants from having their lives extended, coal companies like Arch Coal, Ambre Energy and Peabody Energy are looking at Japan, China and India for new markets.

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Transforming the Northwest into Dirty Coal’s New Corridor

King Coal Looking to Connect Western Coal to Asian Markets
The Corporate Doomsday Machine’s (aka the fossil fuel industry) latest scheme to plunder and ruin the earth for profit involves transforming the highways, waterways and railways of the Northwest into a transport corridor for coal.

King Coal’s domestic options are soon going to be limited after Obama and Lisa Jackson drop the big one on greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, with a possible loss in profits, Mr. Peabody’s coal company needs a new place to sell their dirty black rock.

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