VIDEO: Mountaintop Removal is an American Tragedy

Actress Susan Sarandon Pledges to End Mountaintop Removal

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by Nell Greenberg

Mountaintop removal is an American tragedy. Plain and simple.

The practice destroys hundreds of Appalachian mountains, contaminates drinking water and sacrifices America’s communities for small seams of coal.

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Appalachia Rising Converges on White House in Mass Action

Thousands Call for Abolition of Mountaintop Removal in Action at White House; Over 115 arrested in non-violent civil disobedience.

It was crazy times in our nation’s capitol this last week.  Appalachia Rising, a mass mobilization calling for the abolition of mountaintop removal coal mining, converged thousands of coalfield residents and supporters in Washington D.C. for a conference called "Voices of the Mountains" and a mass march and action.

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Cracks in Big Coal’s Empire

Wall Street and Washington Feeling the Heat
“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Don Blankenship’s empire is crumbling, rapidly.  Mountaintop removal coal mining may well be on it’s way out.  The money’s drying up.  Appalachia is rising in Washington D.C.  And we’re seeing some VERY interesting developments on Wall Street and in Washington.

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EPA’s New Guidelines Promising Strict Enforcement of Mountaintop Removal…. Not So Strict

EPA Approves Pine Creek Permit Allowing for More Destruction
I’m pissed off and ready for a fight.  King Coal drives all over Appalachia’s land and people like Keith Richards on a five day bender, and the EPA gives them the keys to the liquor cabinet.

How long before the compromisers at the EPA and in the Obama administration figure out that there is no kinder gentler version of mountaintop removal coal mining.

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MoJo: JPMorgan Chase’s War on Nature

How the Wall Street darling underwrites environmental Armageddon and mountaintop removal coal mining
Great article in Mother Jones about Chase’s financing of mountaintop removal.  A must read.

And FYI, if this inspires you and you want to take action against Chase, Fossil Fool’s Day is only two days away.

JPMorgan’s War on Nature

How the Wall Street darling underwrites environmental Armageddon.

By Andy Kroll | Tue Mar. 30, 2010 3:00 AM PDT

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85 Supporters of Mountain Justice gather at Natural Tunnel State Park for Spring Break

End mountaintop removal coal mining, support sustainable economies, say participants

This week I’m at Mountain Justice Spring Break with folks from all over Appalachia and the east coast. Ex-coal miners, college studens, people from Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, California, West Virginia and lots more are here.

85 Supporters of Mountain Justice gather at Natural Tunnel State Park for Spring Break

Contact: Marley Green, green.marley@gmail.com

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Rev. Billy:Let Us CHASE the Devil out of Mountaintop Removal!

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Join the Campaign to End Mountaintop Removal
We’ve got some friends in New York joining the campaign to end mountaintop removal.

Today, I got the following email from Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping:

Our new song “Mountain-top” begins with this re-questioning from Dr. King’s last sermon:

Have we been to the mountain-top?
Did we do all we could do?
JP Morgan rains down rock
Exploding loans from the Devil came due…

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Jobs vs. The Environment in Appalachia

Sierra Club Releases New Report on Economics of MTR While Thousands Attend Permit Hearings

Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s forest wars of the Northwest, the false dichotomy that emerged out of that conflict was “jobs vs. the environment.” Loggers, mislead by industry, contended that they couldn’t make a living if environmentalists and government regulators restricted their ability to log old growth forest.

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