Four Lock Down to Coal Truck on Kanawha County Strip Site

Coalfield uprising continues in the fight to end Mountaintop removal coal mining

QUARRIER, W.Va.- Four protestors locked down to a coal truck entering a mine site in the vicinity of Quarrier and Decota at 7 a.m. this morning. Four other protestors joined them on the Kanawha County site, hanging two banners; one across the haul road and another on the back of the truck. The first banner read “Stop,” the second “Stop Mountaintop Removal.”

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Burning America's Addiction to Coal

By documentary filmmaker David Novack. Check out Novack's latest film Burning the Furture: Coal in America.



Several years ago, I interviewed a scientist, John, who was conducting a study of Mountain Elk in Kentucky.  The Elk had recently been reintroduced to the wild, and he was tracking their success.  

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