Mountain Justice

Appalachians Rising on Kayford Mountain

Mountain Justice Fall Summit Oct. 22-24
After a successful mobilization a few weeks ago in Washington D.C., the mountain justice movement is meeting again this weekend for Mountain Justice Fall Summit on Kayford Mountain, West Virginia. Kayford is the home of anti-MTR activist Larry Gibson.

Expect lots of good stuff to be happening at Kayford this weekend.

Mountain Justice Fall Summit on Kayford Mountain!

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Breaking:Activists Stop Strip Mining Machine on Coal River Mountain

Four lock themselves to equipment to stop MTR operations

It was usually around July you could go up there and sit and it was like the annual bear gathering up there… The whole area was full of laurels. The bears had tunnels through them, it was so thick…What’s going on today you know with the Brushy Fork of course, that whole area has just about been stripped out now, and that’s all been taken away.” Ed Wiley on Coal River Mountain.

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Lexington Protest Shames PNC’s Mountaintop Removal Financing

PNC Bank is the biggest US financier of Appalachian mountain destruction
Lexington Protest Shames PNC’s Mountaintop Removal Financing

PNC Bank is the biggest US financier of Appalachian mountain destruction

LEXINGTON, KY – Concerned citizens rallied in downtown Lexington today to express their anger at PNC Bank for financing mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mining. Local activists were joined by members of the group Mountain Justice and residents from mountaintop communities, who spoke out about the direct impact that this destructive form of mining has on their community, health and environment.

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I Just Pledged to End Mountaintop Removal in 2010, Will You?

RAN Launches Pledge to End Mountain Removal in 2010
Have you taken the Pledge to End Mountaintop Removal?

I spent last week in Wise Virginia with 100 Appalachian coalfield residents, students and youth from up and down the east coast, direct actionistas living in WV, TN, KY and VA and retired union coal miners at Mountain Justice Spring Break.  The theme of the camp focused on mountaintop removal (MTR), coal, local communities and Appalachian culture and what we’re doing to turn around this highly destructive fossil fuel economy.

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King Coal Sues Coal River MountainTree-Sitters in Federal Court

As campaign escalates so do the legal battles

The nine day Coal River Mountain tree-sit that ended on Friday has entered a new phase. Mining giant Massey Energy has filed for a temporary restraining order (TRO) in federal court and sued five activists that were part of the action for $75,000 in damages. Ken Ward from the WV Gazette posted the opinion here.

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AMP Ohio Coal Plant Canceled

AMP Announces Cancellation on Day that Construction was Set to Begin

This is a nice piece of news. Hopefully the folks in Meigs County, OH will have a good holiday this year in celebrating the cancellation of this proposed plant.

Meigs is ranked as one of the most polluted counties in the country as southeast Ohio is already the site of many coal plants. Nov. 25, 2009 was the day construction on the plant was set to begin, but instead it was the day that AMP announced the cancellation.

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End Mountaintop Removal Day of Action, October 30, 2009

Tell the EPA to End Mountaintop Removal
Join Mountain Justice, Energy Justice Network and Rainforest Action Network as We Mobilize to End Mountaintop Removal


WHAT: Actions at the EPA and across the country calling for an end to mountaintop removal
WHEN: Friday, Oct. 30
WHERE: Your Town, USA
CONTACT: or; or Mountain Justice at; or call 1-800-989-RAIN
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Judge Orders Anti-MTR Coal Mining Actionistas to Cease and Desist Saving Mountains (As If)

Appalachia Mobilizing for Long Fight against Big Coal
This week in a West Virginia court, Judge Robert Burnside issued a preliminary injunction to block anti-Mountaintop Removal protests on certain Massey mining sites. He narrowed it from a previous ruling that stated it adjoined anyone associated with protesters (essentially the entire No Coal Movement) to only those actually named on the injunction and those acting in immediate concert or association with them. He also acknowledged the injunction only extends to Raleigh County, WV (his jurisdiction).
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14 Arrested in Anti-Coal Action at TVA Headquarters

United Mountain Defense and Mountain Justice Take a Stand in Knoxville
Watch out King Coal, we’re coming for you.

Today, fourteen activists from local Appalachian communities and other parts of the country were arrested at Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) headquarters in Knoxville, TN.
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Spring Break in Coal Country

Mountain Justice Spring Break 2009: March 7-15

Things never stop happening around coal and Appalachia.

Wise County Va, Coal River Mountain, Harriman Tn, Meigs Oh and many other places are where that the coal companies, the utility companies, bankers and politicians have determined to be environmental sacrifice zones.

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