Duke Energy

Duke Energy is Shutting Down Two Coal Plants: What’s Next?

Today, Duke Energy, the biggest electric utility in the country, announced that it is shutting down two coal-fired power plants near Charlotte, North Carolina — the Buck and Riverbend plants.

The closures are great news, both for communities in North Carolina who want healthy air and water, and for everyone around the world, since burning coal is the leading U.S. cause of global warming.

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Duke CEO does doublespeak on CCS

Recently 60 Minutes interview with Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers reveals conflicting message on companies commitment to CCS
60 minutes recently ran an interview with Duke Energy CEO, Jim Rogers talking about the future of our climate and coal's role in that debate. Jim Rogers has been one of the key spokespeople for the future of coal - but has also been noted for sending conflicting messages.

While the coal industry clings to the hope of carbon capture and storage, CCS, as a lifeline to continue the construction of new coal plants, it turns out they have made very little investment in it to date.
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Now that Obama Made Me a Co-Owner, How about No More Coal?

Bank of America Shareholders' Meeting on April 29th to be a Economic and Environmental Reckoning
Last Monday, hundreds rallied (with 44 arrested in a peaceful civil disobedience) in downtown Charlotte to tell Duke Energy “Stop Cliffside, No New Coal.” Charlotte’s other hometown company, Bank of America, is one of Duke Energy’s biggest financiers and gave them $200 million in January to build the new Cliffside coal plant and burn mountaintop removal coal.
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Upstaging Duke Energy’s Greenwashing Coal Antics

North Carolina Mobilizing against Big Coal
Yesterday, Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers spoke at the 6th annual Sustainable Energy Conference in Raleigh to promote Duke’s clean energy agenda which includes building a dirty coal plant in Cliffside, North Carolina.

That doesn’t sound like “clean energy” to me.

A lot of other people in North Carolina agree.
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Bankrolling Duke Energy's Coal Plants

Bank of America Among Many Banks Financially Supporting Cliffside
Duke Energy is the target of a peaceful rally and call for civil disobedience on April 20 in Charlotte, NC

Duke Energy is one of the largest energy companies in the United States, and as we would expect, have long relationships with Bank of America, Citi, and JP Morgan Chase.
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Join the Cliffside Climate Action on April 20 for a Mass Rally and Anti-Coal Action

The No Coal Movement goes from DC to NC to keep the heat on Big Coal

Big Coal probably thinks they need a bit of a break. Too bad for them, that’s not really our style.

As an anti-coal organizer, in the wake of the Capitol Climate Action, I’m getting calls and emails from people all over the country wanting to escalate on coal mining, coal plants, coal waste and coal financing.

Many want to know what’s next. Well, we’ve got a good one.

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Cliffside Coal plant air permit revoked

Asheville judge revokes permit on grounds that plant fails to meet standards for mercury regulation.

On December 2nd a federal court in Asheville NC found the Duke Energy 800 MW Cliffside Coal Power Plant in violation of the Clean Air Act. This decision will force Duke energy to meet pollution control requirements for mercury regulation within the next 70 days. And if they fail to? The court could halt construction of the plant.

The court ruled in favor of conservation groups denying Duke's arguement that the plant qualified for a loophole in the law allowing them to avoid federal pollution regulation.

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