Philly Activists Protest Blasting On Coal River Mountain

Build Up for End MTR Day of Act
Early Thursday morning, local climate activists dropped a banner reading “Save Coal River Mtn.” from the 18th Street overpass above the Vine Street Expressway. The banner contrasted images of a wind farm and a bulldozer; the bottom read, “Coal Is Over.”
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Anti-MTR Activist Sentenced to 20 Days in Jail After WV Lockdown

The Coming Trend as Direct Action Activists Turn Up the Heat on Mountaintop Removal?
The coming trend in southern West Virginia as direct action heats up on mountaintop removal?

Joseph Hamsher, 22, Sentenced to 20 Days in South West Regional Jail for Lockdown at Massey Regional Headquarters

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Coal River Mountain: “Thus Far and No Further”

Residents and Environmental Vow to Fight to Save Coal River Mountain
We’ve heard and seen evidence that Massey Energy is now clearing and blasting for coal extraction on Coal River Mountain. We’ve had a lot of victories in the past few months, but this is ours and our allies line in the sand. Coal River Mountain is the symbol of our clean energy future and the dirty ugly past where corporations put profit over people.

Coal Rive Mountain is the site of a proposed wind farm.  Studies have shown that its ridges have the highest and most productive wind potential.

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DC Rising Tide:Pepco(al) under Fire for Sourcing Electricity from Coal

Group Does Street Theater on Mountaintop Removal
DC residents with the activist group DC Rising Tide today publicly presented their demands that Pepco stop sourcing electricity from coal, and particularly coal from mountaintop removal coal mining.  The activists made their demands for renewable energy with a theatrical fight between “Pepcoal” and wind power in front of the headquarters of Pepco and its parent company Pepco Holdings.

“As a DC resident receiving my power from Pepco, I am outraged that most of that electricity comes from burning coal, especially from coal f

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Coal River Valley Residents Demand Prevention of Blasting Coal River Mountain

Letter Delivered to Manchin's Mansion
Coal River Valley Residents Demand Prevention of Blasting Coal River Mountain

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – At noon seven people will deliver a letter of concerns and personal statements regarding Massey Energy’s imminent mountaintop removal coal mining on Coal River Mountain to Joe Manchin at the West Virginia Governor’s Mansion. The deliverers have stated that they will refuse to leave until the letter is received and Manchin agrees to the community’s demands. The letter is signed by 13 residents of the Coal River Valley, at least four of whom will be present at today’s event.

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Jobs vs. The Environment in Appalachia

Sierra Club Releases New Report on Economics of MTR While Thousands Attend Permit Hearings

Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s forest wars of the Northwest, the false dichotomy that emerged out of that conflict was “jobs vs. the environment.” Loggers, mislead by industry, contended that they couldn’t make a living if environmentalists and government regulators restricted their ability to log old growth forest.

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Massey Now Discussing Moving Marsh Fork Elementary

Years of Public Pressure Working

Last week, a trio of West Virginia’s top politicians blasted Massey Energy’s arrogance and blatant disregard for human life after the company stubbornly refused to assist the Raleigh County School District move the school located next to a toxic coal prep plant, toxic waste pond and MTR site. Now Massey is openly discussing moving the school.

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End Mountaintop Removal Day of Action, October 30, 2009

Tell the EPA to End Mountaintop Removal
Join Mountain Justice, Energy Justice Network and Rainforest Action Network as We Mobilize to End Mountaintop Removal


WHAT: Actions at the EPA and across the country calling for an end to mountaintop removal
WHEN: Friday, Oct. 30
WHERE: Your Town, USA
CONTACT: or; or Mountain Justice at; or call 1-800-989-RAIN
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