Judy Bonds, Presente

Thousands Mourn Prominent Mountaintop Removal Abolitionist
Fight Harder
-Judy Bonds

We’re mourning the passing of our friend Julia “Judy” Bonds. She was a mother, a grandmother, a coal miners daughter a national leader in the mountaintop removal abolition movement, a director of Coal River Mountain Watch and a community organizer.

She’d been diagnosed with a very serious case of cancer back in the early summer.

Yesterday, on January 3rd 2011,  she passed away.

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Coal Tattoo: Massey's Blankenship to Plead the 5th in Mining Disaster Probe

Retiring CEO Opts Not to Incriminate Self
Don Blankenship is going to plead the 5th in the Upper Big Branch probe. Seems that Big Don is invoking his right to avoid self-incrimination. I'm pretty shocked and awed by this bit of information. I guess all those times I called Blankenship a "homicidal maniac," his lawyers didn't disagree.

Breaking from Ken Ward at Coal Tattoo:

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Big Coal Launches Assault On EPA

Emboldened by Mid-Term Elections, Big Coal, Big Oil and GOP Prepare to Wage War
The sharks smell the blood in the water.

The opposition is emboldened.

Whatever are we to do?

After the “shellacking” that the Dems took at the hands of the teabaggers (love that double entendre), it’s obvious that the corporations, the front groups and the right wing climate skeptics taking over Congress are getting all George Patton on us and mounting a full frontal assault on the environment.

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Another Big Bank Turns Away from Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining!

PNC Becomes the 7th Bank to End Financing of Dirty Practice

Repost from the RAN Understory

by Amanda Starbuck

I’m saying ‘Thank you’ this week to PNC bank — which has just released its public position on Mountaintop Removal (MTR) Coal Mining.

Here’s PNC’s policy in full — and a key extract:

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PNC: Stop Funding Mountaintop Removal

Nov. 18 Day of Action to End Their Dirty Business
The anti-coal movement is on the move against PNC.

PNC: Stop Funding Mountaintop Removal

Nov. 18 Day of Action against PNC’s Mountaintop Removal Investments

Join Rainforest Action Network and allies all over Appalachia and the country in stopping PNC’s investments in mountaintop removal.

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Coal Ash Lobbyists Mob the White House

New report from DeSmogBlog and PolluterWatch IDs coal ash lobbyists
As the last of the EPA's show hearings on coal ash wraps up in Knoxville, TN today, PolluterWatch and DeSmogBlog released new research on the raft of meetings that lobbyists got at the White House and a Who's Who of coal ash lobbyists. 
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Appalachians Rising on Kayford Mountain

Mountain Justice Fall Summit Oct. 22-24
After a successful mobilization a few weeks ago in Washington D.C., the mountain justice movement is meeting again this weekend for Mountain Justice Fall Summit on Kayford Mountain, West Virginia. Kayford is the home of anti-MTR activist Larry Gibson.

Expect lots of good stuff to be happening at Kayford this weekend.

Mountain Justice Fall Summit on Kayford Mountain!

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Spruce Mine: Another Nail in the Coffin for Mountaintop Removal

EPA Region 3 Recommends Veto for Biggest Mine Permit in West Virginia
Great news today about the Spruce mine.

Another nail in the coffin for mountaintop removal.  We’re part of a mass grassroots movement using legal, political, community and direct action tactics over and over to end this atrocious practice.   A few weeks ago, it was Appalachia Rising, next week it’ll be Mountain Justice Fall Summit on K

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How Do You Spell Greenwash? P-N-C

The "greenest bank in the business" turns out to be the largest funder of mountaintop removal coal mining in the U.S.
Reposted from the Understory

From Wikipedia:Greenwashing (a portmanteau of “green” and “whitewash”) is a term describing the deceptive use of green PR or green marketing in order to promote a misleading perception that a company’s policies or products (such as goods or services) are environmentally friendly.

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