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Bye Bye New Clean Coal Ads

We should be saying adios, and goodbye to these latest "clean coal" television ads.

A few days ago, the ACCCE released a new, stunningly vague advertisement called "Adios," that is somehow supposed to put America's mind at ease, and/or scare us about a future without coal. Here's the video, and the text:

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Coal doesn’t come cheap

Clean coal is anything but cheap, but that hasn't stopped some from trying to convince America otherwise.

What is the greatest public relations goal of those pushing new coal plants? Its not convincing Americans that “coal is clean”. Despite multi-million dollar deceptive "coal is clean" ad campaigns most Americans know that coal is just as dirty as it was a few decades ago.

“No longer cheap - so what next” read the title of the article I was reading.

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Dave Roberts: Leaving behind coal codependence

Great post by Dave Roberts at Grist on the hollowness of the "clean coal" PR push.

The clean coal PR push is looking more and more hollow. In the NYT, Matt Wald paints a grim picture: cost overruns, technological uncertainty, waning support from utilities, and a mess of unanswered questions about everything from

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Rep. Capito's War Time Measures

Measures as drastic as producing liquid fuel from coal have not been taken since the last World War.

But now it seems to at least one member of Congress, Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va), that America is at such a point of no return on the energy front that the only alternative is a wartime measure like converting iquid fuel from coal.

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Get Involved! Fight Coal in Your Community and Online

Coal is dirty. And we know that the industry's "clean coal" message is more public relation's spin than anything real.

The coal industry has invested millions in their public relations, advertising and marketing campaigns to promote the myth of “clean coal." Front groups like American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity are utilizing the momentum of the elections as a platform for their message.

Carbon Capture and Storage: A Coal and Electricity Industry Pipedream

The bottom line is that Carbon Capture and Storage is not ready for prime time

Well they’re at it again.

The coal industry has found yet another way to greenwash coal as an environmentally sound source of electricity through a concept called, “Carbon Capture and Storage” (or Sequestration), CCS.

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Clean Coal Doublespeak

With the imaginary vocabulary of "clean coal," too many Democrats and Republicans, as well as a surprising number of environmentalists, have forgotten the dirty realities of extracting coal from the earth.


Pummeled by warnings that global warming is triggering the apocalypse, Americans have fallen for the ruse of futuristic science that is clean coal. And in the meantime, swaths of the country are being destroyed before our eyes.

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