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Bush Sprints to Dirty Coal

Speaking in West Virginia today, President Bush says that "he's using his last six months in office to push new energy plans that include electricity from coal."

According to the Associated Press, Bush said "there is no more reliable source of electricity than coal." He also said that promoting a variety of energy sources will be part of the "sprint to the finish" he plans for his presidency.

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Clean coal weekly news radar

All that is fit to print in the dirty world of so-called "clean coal."


GE close to $3bn clean-coal deal to bury carbon

US conglomerate GE says it could sign a deal within months to build a $US3 billion ($3.13 billion) "clean coal" power plant in NSW or Queensland that would store carbon dioxide underground.

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Cut the Clean Coal Mantra and Start Renewable Revolution

Joe Romm on Salon writes: Coal? Natural gas? Nuke? We can wipe them all off the drawing board by
using current energy more efficiently. Are you listening, Washington?

As Romm explains, 

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Appalachians propose solution to dirty coal

Faced with an impending proposal to stripmine over 6,600 acres, local residents have come up with a better idea.

If Senator Barack Obama ever needs a living symbol of change we can believe in, and a hopeful way to transcend the dirty politics of our failed energy policies, he should go and see the future of renewable energy in the Coal River Valley in West Virginia.

Yes, renewable energy in Appalachia.

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Calling Clean Coal's Bluff

UK Parliament and Royal Society: Set date for carbon capture or face coal plant closure.

In what could be considered "calling the industry’s bluff" on so-called clean coal, a UK Parliament committee described industry claims that coal is clean as a “fig leaf.”

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New York Clean Coal Plant Project Canceled

While the "clean coal" lobby would like us to think coal is cheap, the State of New York Power Authority has a differing opinion.



Plans for a $1.6 billion advanced coal plant in the Town of Tonawanda have been scrapped after the New York Power Authority found the plan too costly, even with some pretty steep financial assistance from taxpayers.

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Kentucky Coal to Liquid Investment a Desperate Time for America

Plans for a $4 billion coal to liquid fuel plant in Kentucky have been unveiled today, spelling a new low-point in the US addiction to dirty energy.

The idea of converting coal to liquid fuel (known as coal-to-liquids or CTL) is not new.

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Aussie Coal Protest the Latest in a Growing Anti-Coal Resistance

A heated anti-coal demonstration in Newcastle, Australia yesterday is the latest in a string of protests worldwide.

Thirty seven demonstrators were arrested after about 1000 people
halted trains in Newcastle yesterday in a protest against the coal
industry's role in climate change.

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