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Oh Hells Yeah! Anti-MTR Activists Take Action Against Failed Regulatory Agency

Climate Ground Zero Blocks Entrance to DEP Headquarters, Condemn Failed Enforcement
This morning two anti-MTR activists, associated with Climate Ground Zero, locked down in Charleston at the West Virginia Dept. of Environmental Protection offices.

Activists Block Entrance to DEP Headquarters,
Condemn Failed Enforcement

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Breaking:Activists Stop Strip Mining Machine on Coal River Mountain

Four lock themselves to equipment to stop MTR operations

It was usually around July you could go up there and sit and it was like the annual bear gathering up there… The whole area was full of laurels. The bears had tunnels through them, it was so thick…What’s going on today you know with the Brushy Fork of course, that whole area has just about been stripped out now, and that’s all been taken away.” Ed Wiley on Coal River Mountain.

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Two Anti-MTR Non-Violent Activists in West Virginia Held on $100,000 bail each

Activists Given Outrageous Bails While Criminal CEO Blankenship Walks Free
It’s pretty outrageous that a criminal thug like Massey CEO Don Blankenship walks around free (going to the Massey Shareholder’s Meeting tomorrow,) while two non-violent anti-MTR activists are held on $100,000 bail each. I think it and say it over and over, but the criminal justice system there is so corrupted by Big Coal is just makes me sick at heart.

If you want to support them, please donate to the legal fund.

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Climate Ground Zero Blockades Coal Giant Massey's HQ in West Virginia

“Stop Putting Profits Over People & Mountains,” say Protestors Blocking Road to Massey Regional HQ in Boone County

UPDATE: Blockade is down.  Activists in custody.

Read the letter from the blockaders to Massey shareholders.

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Climate Ground Zero Activist Sentenced to 60 Days

Three Contempt Charges for Roselle
You’d think the criminal justice system in West Virginia would have better things to do. Something like investigating criminal safety violations by it’s outlaw coal companies.

Activist Sentenced to 60 Days; Three Contempt Charges for Roselle


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Two Jailed Pro-Mountain Activists Stage Hunger Strike Against Excessive Bail

Non-violent activists receiving higher bails than violent offenders
The legal system is loaded against people fighting King Coal in Appalachia. Over the past year, we’ve seen excessive “cash-only” bails for non-violent activists in jail and excessive fines once their legal matters are settled.

Now two of the three activists arrested last week at the Marfork Coal Company’s offices are fighting back against their excessive bails ($5000 for two and $7500 for the third activist, Mike Roselle).

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King Coal Sues Coal River MountainTree-Sitters in Federal Court

As campaign escalates so do the legal battles

The nine day Coal River Mountain tree-sit that ended on Friday has entered a new phase. Mining giant Massey Energy has filed for a temporary restraining order (TRO) in federal court and sued five activists that were part of the action for $75,000 in damages. Ken Ward from the WV Gazette posted the opinion here.

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Nine-Day Tree Sit Ends at Coal River Mountain

Sitters Vow Not Over Until Blasting Stops

After enduring over a week of ice and rain, mind-numbing noise abuse and harassment by Massey security, Eric and Amber came down today. The Climate Ground Zero tree sitters vowed that the fight to save Coal River Mountain and stop mountaintop removal is far from over.

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Tree Sitters Occupying Coal River Mountain

It’s ON! This is how 2010 begins in the Coal River Valley, with a non-violent bang not a whimper.

After almost a year of sustained direct actions in southern West Virginia, three Climate Ground Zero activists scaled trees to stop blasting on Coal River Mountain. David Aaron Smith, 23, Amber Nitchman, 19 and Eric Blevins, 28 are on platforms approximately 60 feet up three tulip poplar trees. They are located next to where Massey Energy is blasting to build an access road to the Brushy Fork Impoundment on its Bee Tree Strip Mine.

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