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Climate Camp: Answering The Call To Action

So, have you heard about Climate Camp? It's a name that's making news, and if you happen to be on the British side of the pond, you can join up activists from all walks of life to raise awareness about that dirty, dirty energy source known as coal. Greenpeace UK tells us:

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Coal Industry Front Group Holds Arkansas Clean Coal Technology Conference

Mark your calendars! On Thursday, July 17, 2008, the coal industry front group "American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity" (ACCCE) is co-sponsoring a conference in Hope, Arkansas.

From the press release:

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False Promises: 'Clean Coal' Comes to The Land of Enchantment

Anyone who has ever visited the southwestern state of New Mexico understands why the state's nickname is "The Land of Enchantment".  From the vast grasslands in the south, to the Rio Grande Gorge and Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the north, it is a land of incredible beauty and wildlife, unique ecosystems, and cultural diversity.

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The mandate of this site is very simple: To debunk the myth of "clean coal."

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