I Just Pledged to End Mountaintop Removal in 2010, Will You?

RAN Launches Pledge to End Mountain Removal in 2010
Have you taken the Pledge to End Mountaintop Removal?

I spent last week in Wise Virginia with 100 Appalachian coalfield residents, students and youth from up and down the east coast, direct actionistas living in WV, TN, KY and VA and retired union coal miners at Mountain Justice Spring Break.  The theme of the camp focused on mountaintop removal (MTR), coal, local communities and Appalachian culture and what we’re doing to turn around this highly destructive fossil fuel economy.

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Growing Resistance to Coal in the West

Coal Fights Spread Westward
The spirit of Ed Abbey has returned home to the west. The fight against Big Coal is not just in Appalachia anymore.

Most publicized on this site and in the media is the epic battle being waged by the movement against the coal companies laying waste to Appalachia’s Mountains. It’s also fought and stopped over half of the coal fired power plants proposed by the Bush-Cheney energy plan.

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Get Involved! Fight Coal in Your Community and Online

Coal is dirty. And we know that the industry's "clean coal" message is more public relation's spin than anything real.

The coal industry has invested millions in their public relations, advertising and marketing campaigns to promote the myth of “clean coal." Front groups like American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity are utilizing the momentum of the elections as a platform for their message.