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Duke Energy is Shutting Down Two Coal Plants: What’s Next?

Today, Duke Energy, the biggest electric utility in the country, announced that it is shutting down two coal-fired power plants near Charlotte, North Carolina — the Buck and Riverbend plants.

The closures are great news, both for communities in North Carolina who want healthy air and water, and for everyone around the world, since burning coal is the leading U.S. cause of global warming.

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Protestors to Coal Train: Keep It In The Ground!

Actions speak louder than words in the fight to keep coal where it belongs... in the ground.

Sometimes, we all get a little caught up in talking and arguing about politics.

Talk is good - we need to be thoughtful, educated, and in conversation about the things in this world we oppose, and what things we support. But some people recognize that merely talking (or blogging) about problems and solutions and ideas is not enough - and if we are to actually build a better world we need to act.

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