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Clean Coal Facts and Fiction on CNBC

Bill McKibben on Clean Coal

Renowned author and environmentalist Bill McKibben's take on the clean coal ads that were run in heavy rotation on CNN by a coal industry-funded group calling themselves American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity:

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Top 75 Best Blogs on Clean Coal

Indexing the "clean coal" blogosphere.

Building Coal is Dirty and its affiliate Coal is Clean was a very research-intensive process and in the process we came across a lot of great people and organizations blogging on clean coal.

I thought a list of the Top 75 bloggers - based on Technorati rankings, frequency of posting and cross-referenced with a Google blog search of the last 3 months - who write on the subject of clean coal would be helpful for anyone researching the issue.

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IEA Report: More than a trillion dollars needed to "decarbonise" coal in the next 40 years

A new report by the International Energy Agency released today concludes that we will need to invest well over $1 trillion in the next 40 years to make coal-fired generation plants climate friendly.

The report's lead author, Nobuo Tanaka, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, states that:

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General Electric Press Release Claims CO2 "a possible" Factor in Climate Change

Coal-energy powerhouse General Electric states in a May 28th, 2008 press release that "C02 is a possible contributing factor to climate change."

This claim by General Electric, one of the largest power producers in the world, was made despite the scientific evidence, and the world's governments (including the US) now in agreement that greenhouse gas emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels are heating our planet.
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Top Ten National Parks Threatened by Coal Pollution

The horizon is pretty dark for many national parks threatened by coal plant pollution.




Is your favorite campground, hiking spot or childhood memory on the list?

According to a new report produced by the National Parks Conservation Association (NCPA) the 10 national parks most at risk from pollution from new coal-fired power plants are:

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Rep. Capito's War Time Measures

Measures as drastic as producing liquid fuel from coal have not been taken since the last World War.

But now it seems to at least one member of Congress, Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va), that America is at such a point of no return on the energy front that the only alternative is a wartime measure like converting iquid fuel from coal.

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