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EPA moves to block the largest MTR mine in West Virginia

Pro-Coal Democrats and Industry Lobbyists React
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by Amanda Starbuck

We’re hearing some reassuring news from the EPA this morning.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced today that it is moving to block the largest mountaintop removal mining permit in West Virginia history, at Spruce Mine, operated by Arch Coal in Logan County.

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I Just Pledged to End Mountaintop Removal in 2010, Will You?

RAN Launches Pledge to End Mountain Removal in 2010
Have you taken the Pledge to End Mountaintop Removal?

I spent last week in Wise Virginia with 100 Appalachian coalfield residents, students and youth from up and down the east coast, direct actionistas living in WV, TN, KY and VA and retired union coal miners at Mountain Justice Spring Break.  The theme of the camp focused on mountaintop removal (MTR), coal, local communities and Appalachian culture and what we’re doing to turn around this highly destructive fossil fuel economy.

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Growing Resistance to Coal in the West

Coal Fights Spread Westward
The spirit of Ed Abbey has returned home to the west. The fight against Big Coal is not just in Appalachia anymore.

Most publicized on this site and in the media is the epic battle being waged by the movement against the coal companies laying waste to Appalachia’s Mountains. It’s also fought and stopped over half of the coal fired power plants proposed by the Bush-Cheney energy plan.

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Two days locked-down to the EPA campaigning to end mountaintop removal

Sitters in tri-pods up over 30 hours

Reposted from the Understory

By Amanda Starbuck

RAN activists have spent two days locked-down to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), demanding justice for the people of Appalachia by enforcing the Clean Water Act and ending mountaintop removal mining (MTR).

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Breaking: Anti-MTR Activists Risk Arrest at EPA HQ with Elaborate Protest

Demand Immediate Action to Stop Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

Activists Risk Arrest with Elaborate Protest at EPA HQ; Demand Immediate Action to Stop Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

Group Erects Purple Mountain Majesty At EPA; Say “If Administrator Lisa Jackson Won’t Visit the Appalachian Mountains, They Will Bring The Mountains to Her”

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85 Supporters of Mountain Justice gather at Natural Tunnel State Park for Spring Break

End mountaintop removal coal mining, support sustainable economies, say participants

This week I’m at Mountain Justice Spring Break with folks from all over Appalachia and the east coast. Ex-coal miners, college studens, people from Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, California, West Virginia and lots more are here.

85 Supporters of Mountain Justice gather at Natural Tunnel State Park for Spring Break

Contact: Marley Green,

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Rev. Billy:Let Us CHASE the Devil out of Mountaintop Removal!

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Join the Campaign to End Mountaintop Removal
We’ve got some friends in New York joining the campaign to end mountaintop removal.

Today, I got the following email from Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping:

Our new song “Mountain-top” begins with this re-questioning from Dr. King’s last sermon:

Have we been to the mountain-top?
Did we do all we could do?
JP Morgan rains down rock
Exploding loans from the Devil came due…

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Two Jailed Pro-Mountain Activists Stage Hunger Strike Against Excessive Bail

Non-violent activists receiving higher bails than violent offenders
The legal system is loaded against people fighting King Coal in Appalachia. Over the past year, we’ve seen excessive “cash-only” bails for non-violent activists in jail and excessive fines once their legal matters are settled.

Now two of the three activists arrested last week at the Marfork Coal Company’s offices are fighting back against their excessive bails ($5000 for two and $7500 for the third activist, Mike Roselle).

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