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Coalfield Residents Meet with CEO of Alpha Natural Resources

Agree to disagree on some issues but hopeful for the beginning of a productive dialogue

More Coal Along the Columbia River

Ambre Energy Seeks to Build Coal Export Way Station in Boardman, OR
This week the Port of Morrow Commission (located in Boardman, OR) announced that they had agreed to a lease with Salt Lake City based Ambre Energy for the construction of a new coal terminal on the Columbia River.

The terminal will be used to upload Powder River Basin coal to barges to be shipped down river to Longview, WA. In Longview, the coal will be sent to Asian markets for combustion.

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People Power Works and We're Taking It to Blair Mountain

Dozens of groups plan march and action to end mountaintop removal coal mining

Gandhi. King. Eastern Europe. Seattle. Latin America.  People powered non-violent, yet confrontational, movements make historical change. We're now in the midst of another groundswell of people power. As we've seen in Egypt, Tunisia and the U.S. Mid-West, peaceful protest and non-violent direct action have led the way.

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Breaking: Chicago Activists Occupy Local Coal Plant

6 Arrested with Banner Saying “Close Chicago’s Toxic Coal Plants.”

By Annie Sartor

Cross-Posted from the Understory

 This morning six local activists from Chicago climbed over a fence at the Crawford coal plant, scaled a mountain of coal, and unfurled a huge 7′ x 30′ banner reading “Close Chicago’s Toxic Coal Plants.” The toxic Crawford plant operates in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago and is surrounded on all sides by homes, shops, restaurants and schools.

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VIDEO: Mountaintop Removal is an American Tragedy

Actress Susan Sarandon Pledges to End Mountaintop Removal

Cross-posted from RAN’s Understory

by Nell Greenberg

Mountaintop removal is an American tragedy. Plain and simple.

The practice destroys hundreds of Appalachian mountains, contaminates drinking water and sacrifices America’s communities for small seams of coal.

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Big Coal Scores on Wyoming’s Public Lands

Obama Opens Up Western Public Land for More Coal Development

Well, they dug for their coal till the land was forsaken,
Then they wrote it all down as the progress of man.

–John Prine “Paradise”

Paging Tim DeChristopher.

Today the Dept. of Interior announced that they’d be making coal-rich tracts of lands available to the mining industry in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. Leasing bids worth somewhere between $13.4 billion and $21.3 billion and producing 758 million tons of coal.

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Kentucky Has Risen!

Direct Action and Mass Rally Call for End to Mountaintop Removal

Mountaintop removal is an act of aggression. Civil disobedience is an act of love.”

-Terry Tempest Williams

A mountaintop insurrection in Kentucky is underway. And it definitely must be on Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear’s mind this week.

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Kentucky Rising! Twenty Occupy Gov’s Office in Kentucky Coal Mining Fight

Sit-In at Ky. Governor’s Office Demanding an End to Mountaintop Removal; Participants include Acclaimed Author Wendell Berry, retired miner Stan Sturgill, activists Teri Blanton, Bev May and Mickey McCoy

Don’t Go West, Big Coal. We’re Waiting for You!

Stop King Coal’s Dirty Energy Exports for Profit.
Big Coal has big plans for the west.

They are already digging out tens of millions of tons of coal from the ground in Wyoming and Montana. Not only do they want to continue to feed coal fired power plants in the U.S. with their filthy energy, but they also want to grow their profit margins by exporting it to Asian markets. And the quickest way from Point A to Point B is via ports along the Pacific Northwest coastline.

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